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Savill Hicks Corp Pty Ltd (SHC) is a full service Insurance Broker, 100% owned by Ensurance Ltd (ENA). It is currently the main revenue earning engine for the Group. It was founded in 1990. In 23 years it has expanded from a one person operation in Perth to a nationally focused insurance brokerage head quartered in Sydney.

Within the insurance industry it is renowned for the provision of insurance products to the construction and allied trade industries. Its branding within these national industries is extremely strong, and hence it’s portfolio of clients are currently dominated by construction clients. However diversification and investment into product distribution and additional industries will ensure SHC has an opportunity for growth over the coming years.

SHC’s investment in IT started in circa 2004, where the company out sourced software development to increase in-house efficiencies and productivity in quoting and back office administration. It quickly became evident that the investment was successful and gradually led to the reduction of staff numbers. The company continued to expand its software development into other products and facets of the business with a view to increase in-house efficiencies.

By circa 2008 the Directors started developing a different strategy to encompass a new distribution model of selling general insurance products. Waiting for larger competition to lead and appear within the online space, SHC continued to develop small out sourced IT projects.

When no evidence appeared of online distribution or competition, and buoyed by the published success of the online domestic (Household and Motor insurance) companies, SHC decided to invest further into the arena of online commercial general insurance. Up-front investment, complexities, form simplification and continuing marketing costs is a natural barrier to any entity considering to compete in this medium.

However with previous investment in SHC’s IT solutions it was a relative short jump to develop existing IT products to be sold online from business to consumer (B to C). In 2012 all software IP was sold to the Group’s Ensurance IT Pty Ltd.

Apart from being a full service broker to their clients incorporating all facets of insurance and mitigating risk, SHC now has four commercial insurance products being sold B to C. The four products being;

  • Owner Builder Construction
  • Tradesman Business Pack
  • Home Warranty Certificates
  • Transit Insurance

In addition to their strong B to C capabilities, SHC are now forging relationships with large blue chip companies in order to White Label their IT solutions and additional general insurance products to a greater audience. These include but not limited too;

  • Mortgage Brokers
  • National Associations
  • Regional Banks
  • Life Insurers
  • Comparison Sites
  • Blue Chip Retailers
  • Financial Planners
  • Accountants

Ph:+61 2 9806 2000 
Fx:+61 2 9806 2099
PO Box 523, Milsons Point, NSW 1565 | FSL: 240867


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